Peak Tennis NJ is a premier tennis academy conveniently located in Monroe Township, NJ, offering high-quality tennis instruction for all ages and levels. High-quality coaching is provided by leading tennis professionals from various grounds such as ATP, WTA, ITF and Grand slams. Our program focuses on enhancing players’ technique, building strength and improving confidence. What distinguishes Peak Tennis NJ from the rest is our genuine passion for encouraging our players to realize their best potential and the strategic approach we take to get them there. Our coaches are friendly, positive, inspiring and engaging, and we strive to make learning tennis fun and exciting for both children and adults alike.


At Peak Tennis NJ, our primary vision is to build a complete player. We strive to maximize the long-term potential of every competitive athlete by helping them improve their tennis skills without having to sacrifice their education. Our goal with each individual student is to teach them correct stroke mechanics, build their athletic skills, and create an environment where players welcome competition of all levels and are prepared to handle any kind of obstacle.

Our personal mission is to have a positive impact on every student, by instilling solid core values which will help guide their overall personal growth and development.


My love for coaching began when I realized my passion was to help other players and coaches around me

For the love of the game, I felt inspired and compelled to pass down all the knowledge I had acquired over the years. In 2010, due to an injury, my tennis career had to come to an end. I was told I couldn’t play the sport that I loved so dearly. In the Fall of 2013, I changed the way I played, adapting to the new conditions and constraints. I realized that not only could I compete again, but through this new approach, I was able to maximize my potential unlike ever before.

Ever since that life-changing injury and recovery, I have been on a personal mission to help each and every player maximize their potential, through my unique training method.

That said, I am strong believer in “what works for me may not work for you.” I consider every player to be unique and special. I honor the differences I see in my students and I adapt my coaching style to find solutions that fit each individual’s needs. By gaining a deep understanding of my student’s unique personality and skillset, I’m able to customize the best coaching strategy to help every player to win. It is this customized and strategic coaching approach that has helped me prove myself time and time again as one of the best high-performance coaches across all levels.

As my coaching staff at Peak Tennis NJ know, I expect all of my coaches to demonstrate the same love, dedication and motivation that drives me every day. I expect them to share my tenacity and determination for making the best players in the world. Students and their families can be rest assured that every coach at Peak Tennis Academy NJ has integrity, a genuine passion for coaching, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.