We are excited for the launch of our new facility in Hillsborough, New Jersey in the Summer of 2019. In our facility, we will have 8 Indoor Hard Courts, 4 Outdoor Hard Courts and 4 Outdoor Clay Courts. We pride ourselves on having more than just tennis training in our current program. Ever since the start of Peak Tennis Academy NJ, we have given Strength and Conditioning, Mental Fitness, Nutrition, Yoga and Recovery equal importance. Our aim is to continue providing our trainees with a comprehensive training program. To make this possible, we will have a fully equipped Gym with enough room for Conditioning and Weight-lifting, Training rooms, Yoga and Recovery room, Offices for players to get group and/or 1-on-1 sessions with a Sports Psychologist and Sports Nutrition. In addition to these facilities, we will have a place for all our tennis parents to socialize while their kids are training hard.